The Cognac Pasquet team embodies excellence and passion in the production of family cognac. Our traditional craftsmanship and commitment to quality reflect the heritage of the house.

Jean Pasquet

« Our Keystone »


Jean is Jean Luc Pasquet, our founder’s, son.  He took over from his father in 2011 as cellar master,  head winegrower and master distiller, still in collaboration with his Jean-Luc. Both passionate and curious, he is always experimenting in his cellars.

Amy Pasquet

« An American in Cognac »

Joint managing director.

Amy, Jean’s wife, was born American and is now a dual French citizen. She has managed all the communication, as well as the finances since 2017. She, alongside Jean, is the principle architect of Domaine Pasquet, and is passionate about crafting great spirits and creating a bright future for JLP Cognac.

Paul Evano

« Our Swiss Army knife »

French and Export Sales.

Paul joined the team in 2021. Thanks to his great versatility and adaptability he fits in in all aspects of life and work at the estate.  His great passions are in sports and spirits.  Born in Cognac, he followed the path of the first king of France, Francois I to Blois and has now made his way home.

Maja Giollo

« Our ray of sunshine »

Hospitality Manager.

Maja, of Croatian origin and married to an Italian, joined the team in  2022. Multilingual and always smiling, she is responsible for welcoming guests and sharing immersive experiences here at the estate. Equally versatile, she is also our secretary and assists wherever she is needed.

Dylan Tanné

« A Racecar driver in the vines »

Tractor Driver and Assistant vineyard Manager.

Dylan was the first to join Jean at the Domaine, back in  2014.  He is Jean’s right-hand-man in the vineyards.  An American car-enthusiast, he roars about the countryside behind the wheel of his 1993 Pontiac-Firebird.

José Fernandes

« Speak Softly and carry a Big Stick »

Team Leader.

Jose, originally from Portugal, is our team leader for the seasonal manual work in the vines (pruning, trellising, binding…) He is rigorous and organized, and always shares his good mood while he takes care of the vines on a daily basis.

Achille Audoin

« A young man who has already found his feet »

Apprentice Wine-Grower.

Archille works at the Domaine as an apprentice.  He is earning his professional viticulture Baccalaureate, alongside this apprenticeship and is preparing to run his now family’s vineyards.  Always cheerful, it is evident that he is passionate about his work in the vines.