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Le Cognac de Jean-Michel L.95
  • Le Cognac de Jean-Michel L.95

Le Cognac de Jean-Michel L.95

500ml – 53,5% vol.

Le cognac de jean-michel






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Ugni Blanc

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Jean-Michel Tribot, creator of this L.95 cognac, represents the 4th generation of the family operating this 54ha vineyard.

The presence of the Tribot family in the town of Criteuil-la-Magdeleine dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The vineyard has always been passed down from father to son until today where Samuel, son of Jean-Michel, oversees the destiny of the estate.

At the beginning of the 1970s, Jean-Michel married Annick and came to assist his father Regis in the work of the farm. Father and son have worked together for 25 years.

During all these years, Regis, a demanding winegrower with a strong character, will alone keep the reins of governance of the estate. Faithful friend of Mr. André Giraud, renowned Cellar Master of Maison Rémy Martin between 1961 and 1990, Regis received his valuable advice on the distillation and aging of cognac. When his father died, Jean-Michel ensured the proper management of work on the farm and prepared his son Samuel for his own succession. During his viticultural studies Samuel will complete a distillation and vine pruning course at our home with my father Jean-Luc.

The young wife Annick is a dynamic, extroverted, dedicated young woman and an outstanding organizer. She excels in theater, within various associations and especially in her work as a teacher at the Sainte Marthe school in Châteauneuf sur Charente. It is through her that our two families became friends because my brothers and sisters and I completed our primary studies at Sainte Marthe while my father Jean-Luc Pasquet was president of the management organization of this same private school for a good part of the 1980s.

Each person's life meant that our two families lost sight of each other for a few years.

We reconnected 2 years ago thanks to our meeting with their daughter Alix, a sales representative for a cork company.

There is not so much mystery in creating an excellent cognac, you must have a passion for cognac and the profession, a taste for things well done and time does the rest. Annick uses a very apt metaphor in my opinion:

“Cognac is like a child: during the 9 months of care given to the vines, it is a hope... Then, the character of the wine, its roundness, its aromas make it a promise... We put it finally to the world, in the serene warmth of the distillery... And day after day, with attention and love, we raise it, giving it all the possible assets: good local stone cellars, quality oak barrels like cradle, increased vigilance and a lot of patience so that its personality is finally revealed and gives it the typicality of the terroir from which it draws its roots...".

The cognacs of Maison Tribot were all distilled in the two 25hl stills, installed in 1968 and 1991 and are aged in the 6 cellars on the property, in barrels made from stave dried on site and made by Mr. Pelletant , talented cooper in Mainxe.

This L.95 cognac seduced us with its beautiful aromatic richness, “this is a well-placed cognac” I said to myself, it develops a perfect harmony between the complexity of the eau-de-vie and the aromas of the wood. Aging in dry cellars gives this cognac great concentration as well as remarkable intensity.

On July 11, 2023, we extracted 395 bottles from this single barrel at a strength of 53.5%. Flight



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