Le Cognac de Paul L.57
  • Le Cognac de Paul L.57

Le Cognac de Paul L.57

Very beautiful aromatic complexity, tasting cognac

500ml – 42.3% vol.



Fiche d'identité

Growth Area

Grande Champagne



Grape variety

Ugni Blanc

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The Pradier - Gaillard vineyard located in the commune of Saint-Médard is divided between the Petite and Grande Champagne vintages. It is from one of its vines located in Grande Champagne that this remarkable cognac finds its origin and benefits from the aromatic complexity attached to this unique terroir.

Carole Pradier-Gaillard, current owner of this 12ha estate, agrees to give us with real sentimental emotion linked to the memory of her grandfather Paul Gaillard, a batch of her 65-year-old cognac. This decision was difficult to make as the responsibility for ensuring the survival of the cognacs constituting this heritage, a true Family Treasure, is firmly anchored in the hearts of each generation.

Carole tells us the story of her family:

The grandfather, Paul Gaillard, originally from a small town near Angoulême, married the heiress of this Saint-Médard estate in 1923. From that time on, he managed the agricultural operation consisting of 25 ha of cereals and 5 ha of vines. Paul is a boy with a reliable character, tireless and demanding, hardworking.

Until the 1960s, he distilled the property's wine in a small 5hl still fueled with wood and coal. Subsequently, the decision was made to abandon this ancient still whose renovation cost proved too high.

However, the wines will always be distilled to order and partly stored on the estate.

Raymond, Paul's son, joined his father around 1950 to work in the fields and vineyards. Paul clings to his responsibility as farm manager until his health no longer allows him to do so. It was in 1981 and at the age of 78 that Grandfather Paul agreed to hand over governance of the farm to his son Raymond, then aged 51. He proceeded to expand the vineyard by purchasing a few plots.

For Carole, Raymond's daughter, the transfer of the farm is done gently and with kindness. She moved in with her mother in 1998 and took over management alone in 2003. It was she who acquired the new plots of vines making it possible to reach the current 12 ha.

This rare Grande Champagne L.57 cognac bears witness to a family history, a heritage passed down from generation to generation. It tells of the responsibility of the heirs in the face of venerable stocks more than half a century old.

On October 25, 2022, we extracted 319 bottles from this single barrel at a strength of 42.3%. alcohol/vol



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