It was in 1970 that the adventure began for Jean-Luc, my father. Cognac Pasquet has remained a family house producing high quality artisanal cognacs. Combining tradition and innovation, the distillery offers unique and refined spirits

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What did life in the Cognac region look like 300 years ago?

We know that in 1715, Jean Trouiller was born here at Chez Ferchaud and spent his life as a farmer on what would become our land centuries later. Since then, these plots of vines have been passed down from generation to generation, through inheritance. In 1970, Albert Brisson, an uncle by marriage to Jean-Luc Pasquet, designated Jean-Luc as his heir to the Chez Ferchaud vineyard.

Jean-Luc and Marie-Françoise, his young wife, first came into contact with the cognac world at the 1970 harvest. The weather was splendid, the harvest was abundant, Spanish grape-pickers bore not only grapes, but also exociticism, everyone seemed to be working in unison to produce fine spirit, and Jean-Luc only needed to watch and soak it all in, fascinated, believing he was incredibly lucky.

Reality did not take long to set in. The lessons of life are not always easy to learn and being self-taught can be even more difficult. Jean-Luc and Marie-Françoise knew they had something special though and faced up to the challenges by creating a new brand of grower/distiller cognac, Jean-Luc Pasquet, in 1977. Today, their son, Jean and daughter-in-law, Amy continue the adventure, much to the delight of Jean-Luc and Marie-Françoise.

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passion... »

Today, Amy and I are writing this story together. My parents, Jean-Luc and Marie-Françoise passed their passion on to us along with the vineyards. 

Naturally I took over the estate in 2011, after studying viticulture and viniculture and working in vineyards across the globe. 

My American-born wife, Amy, joined me in 2017 to support me in this quest for excellence. Coming from the "new world" Amy immediately saw the incredible craftsmanship that is ours. She never stops telling our story and sharing our passion. She has created a truly international community around our cognacs, and we share our work and passion every day with everyone we meet. We have a common goal: to offer the very best of our terroir, while respecting our soils, our vines and our employees, and always striving to be as transparent as possible, in a humble and conscientious way.

Amy Pasquet

Jean Pasquet